Innovation Assessments

Assessing the proficiency and effectiveness of an overall Enterprise Innovation program, and the quality of conversions / output of its Innovation Management process


This assessment establishes that your organization has demonstrated a certain level of maturity and capability with respect to being able to consistently deliver on short, medium, and long term innovation and growth endeavors. This distinguishes your organization among its peers and competitors as being capable of delivering leading-edge value and customer experiences to its markets.


Innovation Maturity Pre-Assessments are intended for organizations who have had an innovation program in place for several years now, and who are interested in pursuing the GInI’s official certification, but want to first understand their likelihood of successfully passing its assessment, which ranking level they will likely come out at, and how they can potentially address certain gaps to ensure passing or achieving a certain ranking.


Intended for organizations who have not yet launched a formal Enterprise Innovation program, but who desire to do so. It helps them to survey what they do and do not yet have in place in preparation for launching a program, and what major areas of gap they still need to fill in prior to launching the formal Enterprise Innovation program. Doing this helps them to put pieces in place.

How and What Do We Measure

Assessments are conducted using GInI’s Innovation Maturity Assessment Tool, which was developed by GInI exclusively for this purpose. This tool assesses an organization’s level of innovation capability, maturity, and outcomes.


Does the organization have an appropriate and effective Innovation Strategy in place?


Does the organization innovation program have all the necessary foundations in place to be effective?


Do structures, roles, relationships, processes, and metrics designed to make innovation program effective?


Has the organization secured the financial support needed to make the innovation investments?


Has the organization put in place the necessary elements to enable its innovation program to do its work?


In what ways is the organization leveraging of engagement to drive bottom-up, participatory innovation?


Is the organization using effective means to reinforce its program and drive continued engagement in it?


Has the organization ultimately been able to produce real, tangible outcomes that have an impact?

Our Team is GInI Authorized Innovation Assessors (AInA)

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